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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are questions that are asked on a regular basis:
Attached Document or FileWater & Sewer Rates  Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pay my water bill on line or with a credit card?
Online payments are available using municipay. The web portal can be accessed at this link.
Do I need to and how do I order a final reading?
If you are selling your property you will need to schedule a final water meter reading in advance to the closing.  Please contact Kim at 802-878-1239 to schedule for a final reading.  We need notice prior to the day of the closing to schedule someone to go out to do this, so we recommend you contact us at least 72 hours in advance.
Does Williston actually read meters?
Meters are read quarterly around the first week of February, May, August and November.
I am renting, is it possible to have the water bills sent directly to me?
Unfortunately, our policy is that bills go directly to property owners, but you can call to get the amount due.
I need to obtain an Overweight Permit, how do I do that?
Download one of the two forms, depending on which applies to your needs, complete and fax back to 802-764-1140.  If you have additional questions contact Kim at krichburg@willistonvt.org
Excess Weight Fleet
Excess Weight Single
My water bill is higher than normal, why and what should I do?
High usage can be due to a number of instances.  Additional showers, laundry, company, car washing, garden watering could cause an increase.  If no additional use is easily explained, check toilets.  Often time toilets may be running (flap not closing after flushing) longer than usual. Toilets are out of sight out of mind, we recommend checking them first. If you do receive a bill that is out of the ordinary please feel free to contact the Public Works Department to discuss additional solutions. 802-878-1239.
The snow plow hit my mailbox, what do I do?
If you live on a town road, please contact the Public Works Department at 802-878-1239 with the address of the property.  A representative will go out and inspect the damage.  The box will be installed and or replaced depending on the investigation. If you live on a state road (Williston Road or Route 2A), the state may replace your mailbox depending on the situation. Call Gilbert Newbury at 802-655-1580 or Gil.Newbury@state.vt.us
What are the rates for water and sewer?
Water and sewer rates are listed on the following pages:
Water rates
Sewer rates
Who maintains US Route 2 (Williston Road) and VT Route 2A?
These roads are owned and maintained by the State of Vermont Agency of Transportation.  If you have concerns or questions pertaining to these roads, please contact:
Gilbert Newbury at 802-655-1580 or Gil.Newbury@state.vt.us
Who owns the culvert at the end of my driveway / private road?
The landowner owns and maintains the culvert.  It is recommended that they be cleaned in the fall, remove any debris and then check for for ice damns in the spring.
Why doesn't the town plow my sidewalk?
The Town of Williston has a Sidewalk Winter Maintenance Policy in effect.  Please read the attached information and contact the Public Works Department with any additional questions at 802-878-1239
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