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Zoning District Boundaries Map

This map was created using 2022 Parcel Boundaries and 2022 Zoning District Boundaries. 

Click the link below for Williston Zoning Districts.

Town Wide Official Map

Link to pdf of the map. The Selectboard adopted an Official Map on October 4, 2022. Official Map is a regulatory tool and implementation is explained in WDB Chapter 30.5. 

Online GIS Map and Data Layers

This online map includes current town GIS data layers - parcel boundaries, road centerlines, zoning districts, Taft Corners Form Based Code District data layers, regulatory overlays, natural resource constraints, trails and publicly accessible parks, conserved lands - as well as some data layers from State agencies. Please note parcel boundaries depicted on the map are for general reference only. They are not valid for legal description or conveyance. The parcel data may not be the most up-to-date information; please contact the Assessor's Office if you find any discrepancies.

 Regulatory Constraints Interactive Map

This is an interactive map series depicting environmental constraints regulated under the Williston Unified Development Bylaw. The purpose of this application is to provide members of the public a quick, simple means of assessing potential development constraints on one or more parcels of interest. The map series is organized into individual tabs that group similar regulatory constraints on a single map.  

The use of these maps is intended for planning purposes only and not as a substitute for site plan engineering. None of the maps included in this series are based on a survey. The accuracy, completeness, and quality of the data shown is not guaranteed to any standard.

Tax Parcel Boundaries for Google Earth

The file available is the 2019 Tax Map. This file is not a survey. It does not line up perfectly with Google satellite imagery so property lines may appear to run through driveways/structures. In order to the view and interact with the map, please download Google Earth for free.

The most up-to-date parcel data and property ownership information is available in the Lister/Assessor Office. Do not use the parcel information to generate an abutter addresses for public noticing.  

Taft Corners Form Based Code Regulatory Layers Link to interactive map or use simple version below. Click double arrow to show legend and turn layers on or off. 


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