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FEBRUARY 2023 UPDATE: The Selectboard voted to adopt an updated Management Plan for Mud Pond Conservation Area. 

The update allows cycling on a small section of trail in the Mud Pond Conservation Area between the parking lot and Mud Pond Country Park - known as the Quiet Connector.

In the fall of October 2022, the Williston Conservation Commission discussed a trail improvement project with Fellowship of the Wheel. The purpose of the work would be to provide a safe route to the Country Park for cyclists that avoids South Road. The work would benefit all trail users and pedestrian priority would be maintained. Cycling would not be permitted in the rest of the Conservation Area and cyclists would have to yield to pedestrians.  

The scope of work would include rerouting the trail around the hill section at the parking lot entrance. This would avoid the steep grade and trail braiding that has occurred creating a gentler gradient for everyone using the trail at the entrance. A small trail bridge would be installed to cross the stream just past the fork in the trail. Small trail structures such as puncheons would be installed at several locations along the route where the trail is wet. The area of work and trail reroute are shown ringed in green on the map linked here.

This project will also tie in with the Fellowship of the Wheel's current project to improve the trails for all users at Mud Pond Country Park. See more details here. 

Mud Pond Conservation Area consists of 158 acres of land that includes a peat bog pond and surrounding upland forests. The land was transferred to the Town from The Nature Conservancy and the Yandell family in 1990 and has become one of the most popular destinations for nature-loving Williston residents over the years.
A Management Plan was adopted in 2021 for the Conservation Area and updated in 2023. Hard copies are available upon request. 
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