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Incentive Program for Residential Green Stormwater Landscaping and Infrastructure 

The Town of Williston is partnering with Lake Champlain Sea Grant to offer an incentive program for Williston residents to install eligible green stormwater landscaping and infrastructure. Participants who work with BLUE Williston representatives to install the recommended stormwater practices at their homes may be eligible for rebates ranging from $250 to $1,000.   

Please review the information below to learn if you are eligible for a free site assessment and for more details about the program.   

How do I sign up?  

Please click here to sign up for a free site assessment!  

Not all sites will be suitable for eligible projects, so signing up does not guarantee you will receive a rebate.  

Who is eligible?   

Williston residents may submit a request for a site assessment to determine if their property is suitable for any of the eligible green stormwater infrastructure practices. You may choose to complete the recommended projects if the BLUE representative(s) determine that a green infrastructure project would help reduce erosion, improve water conservation, reuse and manage stormwater, or address drainage issues, etc., for your site. Once the project is completed, you may be eligible for the rebates outlined below.   

Please note that this rebate program is not for 3-acre permit compliance projects.   

What is the process?  

  1. Sign Up! After you fill out this form, you will be contacted by a BLUE Williston representative from Lake Champlain Sea Grant who will work with you to schedule a free site assessment.   

  1. Site Assessment. A BLUE Williston representative from Lake Champlain Sea Grant will visit your property for your free site assessment. At your site assessment, you will have the opportunity to learn about residential stormwater management solutions. In a follow-up report, the BLUE Williston program will provide you with personalized recommendations for improving stormwater management on your property.   

  1. Installation. If you choose to follow the recommendations in the report, a BLUE Williston representative will stay in contact with you throughout the process and provide design assistance. The Town of Williston will offer rebates to approved practices that are installed following the BLUE Williston recommendations. 

  1. Receiving rebates. Please note that funding for rebates is limited and the Williston Stormwater Program reserves the right to select which projects will receive the limited rebates funds.  
    Important note about rebates: Standards from the BLUE Basis of Design guide need to be adhered to and documented throughout the design process in order to receive rebates from the Town of Williston. Prior to moving forward with implementing any projects, please seek approval of your designs from BLUE Williston representatives at Lake Champlain Sea Grant. They can be reached at blue@uvm.edu. At that time, you will be able to confirm with the BLUE Williston program, prior to installation, if your project will be eligible for a rebate. This depends on the availability of funding, the eligibility of your project design, and the timing of the installation. Rebates will be disbursed through Fitzgerald Environmental Associates.  


How much are the rebates?  

If the BLUE Williston representatives recommend a green stormwater infrastructure practice for your site, and you have the project installed by a qualified professional (if applicable), following the specifications from BLUE Williston, then you may be eligible to receive a rebate based on the type of project you install.  
Rebate amounts for installed projects are as follows: 

Rain Barrel(s) or Cistern – up to $250   

Water Bars – up to $400  

Vegetated Swale – up to $400  

Rooftop Disconnection – up to $500  

Dry Well – up to $1000  

Infiltration Trench/Basin - up to $1000  

Trench Drain – up to $1000  

Rain Garden/Bioretention Basin – up to $1000  

Permeable Pavers – up to $1000  

$1,000 maximum per site.  

Funding for rebates is limited and rebates will be issued at the discretion of the Williston Stormwater Program.  

What are the benefits of installing green stormwater infrastructure?  

Properly managing and treating stormwater can help reduce flooding, erosion, pooling water, and pollution in our rivers, streams, and lakes!   

Click here to learn more about stormwater management, water quality, and the BLUE Program.  



If you have any questions about the BLUE Williston Program, please contact:

Lisa Cicchetti  

802-878-1239 x182 

If you have questions about your free site assessment or report, please contact blue@uvm.edu 

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