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Information about past planning efforts in Williston, Growth Center Designation, Designated Village Center, Growth Management Process, Major developments in Williston, and more.
Annual Growth Projections
In the Fall of each year since 2021, Planning Staff prepare a memorandum to the Selectboard predicting the buildout of future development. 
Housing Needs Assessment 2023
A Housing Needs Assessment prepared by the Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA) for Williston in early 2023. 
Major Developments in Williston
Plans and descriptions of some of the larger developments in town.
Designated Growth Center
Williston applied to and received approval from the Vermont Downtown Board for a 15-year review of its designated Growth Center. The application materials for both the 10-year review in 2017 and the 15-year review in 2022 are available to view here.
Designated Village Center
Williston applied for and received Village Center designation for a portion of Williston Village. The application materials are available to view here.
Planning History in Williston
Documents related to past planning efforts in Williston 
Taft Corners Vision Plan and Form-Based Code
From 2020 through 2022, Williston's Planning Commission, Selectboard, and citizens collaborated to develop a vision for the Taft Corners Growth Center. Links to the final products of that effort can be found on this page. 
Quarterly Reports
Quarterly Reports on Development and Departmental activity from Williston Planning 
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