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Williston Adopt-A-Trail

The Adopt-A-Trail program is a great opportunity for community members to volunteer and get involved in local conservation. A prospective Adopter chooses a trail, plans their maintenance visits throughout the year to check on the trail’s condition, clear drainage, prune vegetation, and reports larger maintenance needs to the Town. Additional information and application forms can be found below.

Questions? Contact Andrew Plumb, Conservation Planner and Adopt-A-Trail Area Manager at aplumb@willistonvt.org or (802) 878-6704.

 How to Adopt a Trail

  • If you have any questions, feel free to read our FAQs to learn more.

  • Apply by emailing Andrew. Andrew keeps a list of adoptable trails. 

  • Read the Trail Adopter’s Handbook and provided supplementary resources 

  • Attend a Trails Maintenance Skills Training before starting work on your trail (please contact the Conservation Planner to arrange training). Fill out and submit the Trail Adopter Agreement at a training session.
  • Perform the necessary trail maintenance tasks. The work depends on the condition and needs of the trail and your availability! We know life is complex so we are happy to discuss how you manage your adopted trail - want to do 4 formal work days per year? Great! Want to pick off maintenance as and when - no problem! We ask that you:

    • Communicate with the Area Manager.

    • Follow the standards set in the Trail Adopter Handbook.

* All forms, applications, and other resources can be found on the Town of Williston’s website under the Adopt-A-Trail page. 

Town of Williston Adopt-A-Trail Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adopt-A-Trail Program?

The Town of Williston’s Adopt-A-Trail Program provides volunteering opportunities for community members. Local volunteers assist Planning and Zoning Department staff through monitoring and maintaining town trails and traiheads. 

Who can adopt a trail?

Anyone with any interest in trails, the outdoors, or stewardship- school and youth groups, community and service organizations, scout troops, businesses, church groups, families, individuals, or groups of individuals can adopt a trail. Two people may also co-adopt a trail if they wish.

What can volunteers do?

Adopt-A-Trail volunteers assist Planning and Zoning Department staff with managing and maintaining the Town’s trail systems. Activities include keeping the trail free of debris like sticks and rocks, pruning small limbs from the trail corridor, cleaning waterbars and drainage ditches, and clearing debris from bridges, stairs, and viewing platforms. Additional responsibilities involve maintaining trailheads and parking lots, and reporting vandalism, trail hazards, or safety issues. 

Why participate?

Adopting a trail is a great opportunity for anyone to get actively involved in conservation. Helping maintain local trails improves the resource for all to enjoy while bringing trail and nature enthusiasts closer to their environment and community. You’ll get to enjoy time outdoors and help your local community simultaneously.

Where can I borrow basic maintenance tools?

The Williston Planning and Zoning Office has a small selection of tools available to be loaned out to adopters. Adopters need to ask the Conservation Planner for the tool(s), sign them out on a sheet, and return them by the end of the work day to ensure all tools are kept organized. 

How do I complete the Trail Assessment and Work Report?

The town is keen to monitor the work done by volunteers. You can report by email to the Conservation Planner. We encourage you to use the Survey 123 App to document work. The App can be downloaded to your phone and the report filled out as you walk the trail. Specific instructions on using Survey 123 are listed below. 

Completing Trail Assessment Using Survey 123                                                                           

To access the Trail Assessment Survey: 

  1. Download the Survey 123 app.*

  2. Use this link to access the Trail Assessment Survey. It should automatically open in Survey 123.

  3. To collect data, click on the Trail Assessment Survey in the app and then click “Collect” at the bottom of the screen.
  4. In the field, access the survey on the app, using cellular data.

  5. When finished collecting data, hit “Send” to send the data to the Area Manager or save the survey to send later on. 

*After downloading the application, it may ask you to sign in. To avoid this, follow the provided link to the survey.  

This information, and more details, can be found in the Adopter's Handbook on page 8.

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