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Application Forms, Checklists, Fees


Administrative Permit Application Form 


Sign Permit Application Form 


Zoning Compliance Certification Form 
(For real estate closings or refinancing) 

Request Form for Inspection & Certificate of Occupancy
(If required by approved Administrative Permit. Formerly known as 'Certificate of Compliance' renamed as of October 25, 2022.)  


Administrative Permit Checklists

Accessory Dwellings (Residential) 

Accessory Structures

Change of Use (non-residential)

Decks & Patios


Home Business

       Mobile Vendors

New Dwelling


Residential Improvements 

Residential Additions

Runoff & Erosion Control Plan (major)

Runoff & Erosion Control (minor)

Telecommunication (co-location)

Telecommunications (new)

Watershed Health

Watershed Buffer Waiver


Appeal an Administrative Decision 

Notice of Appeal Form & Checklist  


Boundary Line Adjustments 

Boundary Line Adjustment Form and Checklist


Peddler's Permit

Peddler's Permit Application

Peddler's Ordinance 


Special Event 

Special Events are known as "Temporary Events" and processed through the Manager's office.


Forms for Historic Review in Williston Village

Certificate of Appropriateness Application 



Form-Based Code Application Forms & Checklists

Form-Based Code for the Taft Corners Form-Based Code Overlay District, and its "Certificate of Conformity" permit process, became effective on October 25, 2022. If you are interested in applying for a permit or have any questions about pending applications in the TCFBC, please contact the Planning and Zoning Staff at 802-878-6704. Staff will publish application materials, track pending applications and Project review Committee meetings, and catalog issued permits on the mytaftcorners.com project website and at this page on the town website

Form-Based Code Certificate of Conformity Application Form *NEW! Published April 24, 2023*

Form-Based Code Application Checklist

Form-Based Code Interactive Map of Regulatory Layers

Form Based Code Downloadable Map Package (ArcGIS Pro) 


Discretionary Permit Application Forms & Checklists


Pre-Application Form Pre-Application Checklist 
Discretionary Permit Application Discretionary Permit Checklist *UPDATED July 2023*

Final Plan Checklist *UPDATED July 2023*

Master Sign Plan Checklist *UPDATED June 2023*

Final Plan Model Signature Block 




State Permit Information

State Permit Specialist for Williston (District 4):

Jeff McMahon 802-477-2241| jeff.mcmahon@vermont.gov

Do You Need A State Permit? Ask a State Permit Specialist!

Vermont State Permit Handbook



List of all permit forms linked on this webpage:  

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