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Lake Wildlife
 Lake Iroquois supports a large biodiversity of wildlife species in and around its waters.  Bullhead, Bass, Perch, Pickerel, Sunfish and a wide variety of baitfish can be found in the Lake. At least 5 species of frogs, and several other species of Amphibians live in the lake, many of them breeding in the Vernal pools which form each spring.. Endangered Spotted Salamanders have been seen in the wetlands near the Beach. There are Reptiles- Snapping Turtles, Painted Turtles, and 2 Species of Snakes can be found througout the area. Numerous larger animals also inhabit the area. Beavers, river Otters, and muskrat abound in great quantity. The forests and grasslands to the East and West of the lake also support populations of Deer, Coyotes, Fox and Skunks. Although there is no evidence of a permanent Moose population in the area, they have been seen in the area, both on shore and swimming. We here at the Lake Iroquois Homepage support conservation efforts in the Lake Iroquois Watershed.
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