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Recent Permits & File Research
Rolled Plans
File Research: No appointment is needed for file research. Please contact us for an appointment if you plan on extensive file research on several properties or older files. Only recent administrative permits are available online, however you can review our permit databases to identify permit numbers or subdivision names. 

Permitting Forms & Questions: 
No appointment is needed for picking up permit forms, dropping off a completed administrative permit application, or simple zoning questions. More complex questions (particularly new site development, subdivision, DRB review) are often answered at walk-in visits but may require an appointment with staff. 
Administrative Permits
The Administrative Permit (AP) Tracking Spreadsheet and Recently Approved Permit PDFs can be viewed publicly in this password-protected SharePoint folder. Please contact Planning staff to request the password. Administrative Permits are issued by the Zoning Administrator. Some projects only require an administrative permit before development activity can begin, whereas other projects require a Discretionary Permit (DP) issued by the Development Review Board (DRB) prior to an administrative permit. Permits are assigned an ID number and tracked using an excel spreadsheet. Approved permits are scanned and saved as PDF files. These documents may be viewed by the public on this password-protected SharePoint folder. 
Tips & Tricks for Using the Spreadsheets
  • “MISSING” files are likely organized in the Tax Parcel File System. We are working on updating this data.
  • Use the Find and Replace Tool (Ctrl + F) in Excel to search the sheet or entire workbook for an address
  • Search by street name or tax parcel number first, then try property owner or project name 
  • Parcel ID formatting varies (some sheets use “-“ to separate digits, others use “:” and “.”)
Tax Parcel Files

These files are organized chronologically by Tax Parcel ID number. Use the Grand List to look up parcel ID number. These files include administrative permits, certificates of occupancy/compliance, zoning violation records, older building permits, and more. Sometimes SUB/SP/CU or other permits are merged into the tax parcel system. For most residential properties and some commercial/industrial tenancies, the file is a single manila folder less than a ½” thick. Larger commercial, industrial, or mixed-use properties may have several manila folders within an accordion folder ½-8” thick. 

Discretionary Permit
Pre-application and discretionary permit are both tracked in this spreadsheet. Since September 2017, all discretionary permit materials are uploaded on the Agendas & Minutes Page. The approved final plans are available upon request. 

The SP/SUB/SP numeric system was merged into the Discretionary Permit (DP) system in 2008 when the Unified Development Bylaw was adopted and SP/SUB regulations were “unified” into one document.

These files date from 1986-2008 as follows:

    • SUB – Subdivisions; SUB 86-01 to SUB 08-04
    • SP – Site Plans; SP 86-01 to SP 08-02
    • CU – Conditional Use; SP 86-01 to CU 05-05
    • BLA – Boundary Line Adjustments; BLA 90-01 to BLA 12-03
    • ZBA-BP Appeals – Zoning Board of Adjustment or Building Permit Appeals; various V-, Z-, and APP- numbers
SUB by Name
Search the entire "SUB by Name" workbook by address or permit number because several properties are linked to a few subdivision permits.
Historic Preservation (HP)
Historic Preservation Permits from 1989-2002 for properties in the Village Zoning District. 
Historic Sites and Structures Survey (HSSS)
A directory created by town staff linking the surveys to local address/parcel ID number. These properties listed on the State and/or Federal List of historic sites and structures. The survey (with property photos) are available through the State of Vermont's Online Resource Center (ORC). More information about the survey is available on the state website: https://accd.vermont.gov/historic-preservation/identifying-resources/hsss 
Pre-1986 Development Review

These files are stored in bankers boxes and organized alphabetically by property owner or project name. They range from the mid-1960s to 1986. The spreadsheet below is incomplete and will be updated periodically as we work on tagging these files to their parcel ID number(s). 

Permits 1966-1984
Permits #0-2299 are organized chronologically (for the most part) and are not tracked in a digital spreadsheet. Eventually they will be merged into the tax parcel system, but are challenging to do as they rarely include traceable address or legible property owner name. Back in the 1960’s everyone knew Bob’s house was Rural Delivery 1 past the old Oak Tree, but today we’re not so sure. 
Zoning Violations 1983-2000
For nearly 2 decades, Zoning Violations were organized by property owner or complainant name in binders separate from the tax parcel system. The file could not be linked to a modern parcel f the Parcel ID and address fields are blank. 
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