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Williston Village Designated Village Center Application 2017

This is the Town of Williston’s application to designate Williston Village as a Village Center, as provided by 24 V.S.A. § 2793a. The town seeks to gain this designation to implement its comprehensive plan and make the advantages of Village Center designation available to the owners of historic properties. Village Center designation fits into Williston’s larger framework for land use and historic preservation in Williston Village, including: 

  • the regulatory requirements the town has established for the larger Village Zoning District,
  • the design review requirements for the Williston Village National Register Historic District and Additional Review Area,
  • the town’s ownership and maintenance of several key structures within the proposed Village Center Boundary,
  • the town’s prior approved Village Center designation from 2006-2016,
  • multiple streetscape design and land use planning efforts made by the town over the last 20 years specifically in the area of the proposed designation boundary, and
  • the town’s current efforts to draft and adopt a new Williston Village Master Plan for eventual adoption into the Williston Comprehensive Plan.

The information required in the “Application Guidelines for Village Center Designation” is attached. The attachments are listed and explained below.

 An Application Cover Letter A copy of the letter sent by Williston planning staff to the Vermont Village Center Designation Program.

Proposed Village Center District Boundary Map. The maps and images that accompany this letter show how Williston’s proposed Village Center meets the definition adopted at 24 V.S.A § 2791(10).

  • The attached map outlines the proposed Village Center boundary. The Town has, in accord with the precedents established by the Downtown Development Board, drawn the proposed boundary to include only the developed, traditional center of the community. It includes Town Hall and other civic buildings, and historical properties that might benefit from Village Center designation.
  • This map shows the points from which the photographs that accompany this application were taken and identifies key structures within the proposed boundary.
  • This map shows that the proposed designation area is also surrounded by the Village Zoning District.
  • This map shows the National Register Historic District and “Additional Review Area,” where Williston’s zoning requires additional design review for exterior changes and new development by the Development Review Board.

Zoning Map and Bylaws. Williston’s current Zoning Map showing the Village Zoning District, which completely contains the proposed designated Village Center, Chapter 42 of the current Williston Development Bylaw, and Appendix H, the Williston Village Historic District Design Review Guide. These are the primary elements of Williston’s development bylaws that govern new construction and modification to existing sites and structures in Williston Village.  

Selectboard Resolution. The September 22, 2017 resolution of the Williston Selectboard authorizing staff to prepare and submit this application, including staff’s presentation and draft resolution language is attached.

Notifications. Copies of letters dated October 2, 2017 informing the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission and the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation that Williston is applying for Village Center designation are attached.

Confirmed Planning Process. A letter from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission dated September 21, 2017 stating that Williston’s planning process has been confirmed as provided by 24 V.S.A. § 4350 is attached.

Comprehensive Plan Excerpts. Attached is an excerpt from the 2016-2024 Williston Comprehensive Plan specifically discussing the maintenance of Village Center designation as an implementation tool of that plan.

Description of Planning Efforts in the Village. A brief discussion and list of planning activities the town has undertaken in Williston Village in the past and ones it is planning for the future.

A Table of Important Structures within the Proposed Designation Boundary. A map and table listing important structures within the proposed boundary is included.

Photographs of the Proposed Designation Area. A set of current photographs showing important buildings within the proposed designation boundary is included.

The primary Williston staff contact for this application is Matt Boulanger, AICP. He can be reached at (802) 878-6704 x3 or by email at mboulanger@willistonvt.org. 


This application will be heard by the Vermont Downtown Board in Montpelier on November 17, 2017. 

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