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Last updated October 16, 2023. 
Information on this Planning & Zoning page is often updated when the office receives multiple inquiries about the same project or development activity. 
If you feel a certain project should be included or updated, don't hesitate to reach out, 802-878-6704 ext. 3. 


34 Blair Park Hotel Approved final plans for the hotel at 34 Blair Park Road. 

DP 18-06.1 Approved final Plans Civil

DP 18-06.1 Approved final Plans Architectural 


4626 Williston Road (Intersection of Williston Road and Industrial Avenue) 

Final plans approved for the demolition, regrading, and redevelopment of this site for a new car dealership building and site. 

Site Plans

Architectural Plans 



Discretionary Permit application has been approved for Phase 1 of a mixed use development on a 3.3 acre project tract. Phase 1 includes a 19,500sf grocery store and parking lot at the junction of Wright Avenue and Merchants Row and construction of an extension to Wright Avenue. Future phases include a multi-household residential building, urban park and construction of part of Trader Lane.  Located in the Taft Corners Zoning District (TCZD).

Architectural Plans

Site Plans


The Annex

Discretionary Permit application has been submitted for Phase 1 of a mixed-unit development involving a 54.2-acre parcel currently owned by the Essex Alliance Church (EAC) in Williston, VT. The project, also called “The Annex”, has access points off of Beaudry Lane, Alpine Drive, and Chelsea Place/Dunmore Road and is located in the Taft Corners Zoning District (TCZD). Phase 1 consists of 16 single-family carriage homes, 20 duplex units, 40 townhome units, and 132 multi-family apartment units (in two buildings).

The project received Pre-Application review at a public hearing on 9/14/2021, and received Growth Management for Phase 1 (173.5 equivalent units) at the 3/22/2022 hearing. Phase 2 is not being proposed for approval at this time, but elements are illustrated on some of the uploaded documents to provide context for overall street layout. The DRB will be reviewing the proposed project at a future date yet to be determined. Once determined, the public hearing date for the project will be published in the Observer and posted on the town website, and properties abutting the project will be notified of the public hearing by mail.

Narrative Cover Letter

The Annex Land Plan

Civil Plan Set - Site Plans and Profiles

Civil Plan Set - Details

Civil Plan Set - Landscaping Lighting Maintenance

Architectural Plans 


Cottonwood Crossing

Cottonwood Crossing is a mixed-use development under construction on a 16.6 acre parcel located on the south side of Williston Road-Talcott Road intersection and adjacent to Maple Tree Place. Current activity is related to Phase I of the project: a commercial building, a mixed-use building with 28 apartments, a residential building with 18 apartments, and new streets, parking, and related improvements. Phase II recently also received final plan approval and elements of both phases are permitted for construction as of November, 2019. 

Cottonwood Crossing Phase 1 Approved Final Plans 

Cottonwood crossing Phase 2 Approved Final Plans 

Cottonwood Crossing Phase 1 Amendment DP 16-05.1

Cottonwood Crossing Phase 2 Amendment DP 16-05.2


Creek's Edge

Creek's Edge is a 35-unit residential development at 320 North Williston Road. At completion, it will be composed of 22 single family dwellings on the outside of the street loop, 13 multi-family units on the inside of the loop, and a neighborhood park (see final plans). This project, DP 15-02, was approved by the Development Review Board (DRB) on May 24, 2016. Administrative permits have been issued for the construction of the road, water/sewer, and related infrastructure as well as for the construction of eight (8) dwellings. 

Creek's Edge Approved Final Plans

 Creek's Edge Approved DRB Minutes May 24, 2016 


Finney Crossing

Finney Crossing is a mixed-use development currently under construction along Zephyr Road on lands north of Williston Road (across from Shaw's). The residential component of the development is nearing completion. The current approved plans for Finney Crossing may be viewed here: 

Finney Crossing Approved Final Plans

  • October 4, 2021 following the issuance of a determination of compliance with zoning on July 27, 2023, a project review Committee Meeting on June 27, 2023, and submission of preliminary plans on April 21, 2023, the Zoning Administrator approved AP 23-0188, a Certificate of Conformity to construct a 4-story 115-room hotel at  the corner of Market Street and Holland Lane. AP 23-0188 Architectural Plans AP 23-0188 Civil Plans
  • July 13, 2021 - The DRB approved pre-application recommendations for DP 09-01.23 (Building H and Urban park) to be Railroad & Main Restaurant and DP 09-01.24 Building F Senior Living facility on Holland Lane and Market Street. 
  • June 8, 2021 - The DRB approved DP 09-01.22, a discretionary permit to construct  Building E a multi-tenant commercial building (approx. 26,000 SF) to include L.L. Bean and other retailers on Lot C-2 (3.08 acres) in Finney Crossing at the corner of Holland Lane and Williston Road. DP09-01.22 Civil Set, Master Sign Plan, and Architectural Set

  • April 13, 2021 - The DRB approved DP 09-01.22 pre-application review for a proposed multi-tenant commercial building (Building E) in Finney Crossing at the corner of Holland Lane and Williston Road in the Taft Corners Zoning District (TCZD) and DP 09-01.21 a Master Sign Plan amendment.

  • December 8, 2020 - The DRB approved DP 09-01-20, amendments to the Finney Crossing Commercial Master Sign Plan 

  • April 28, 2020 - The DRB approved DP 09-01.18 A3 to include two (2) additional studio/one-bedroom dwelling units, a larger trash & recycling building, and public art at 664 Zephyr Road, Finney Crossing in the Taft Corners Zoning District (TCZD). Building A3 is currently under construction. 

  • March 10, 2020 - The DRB authorized DP 09-01.17 pre-application to moved forward to discretionary permit for development of building H containing Folino’s Pizza and Fiddlehead Brew Pub at Finney Crossing in the Taft Corners Zoning District (TCZD). This project is superseded by DP 09-01.23. 

  • June 25, 2019 - The DRB approved a DP 09-01.16 to construct commercial building "Building J" (Healthy Living Market, retail tenants, and restaurant tenant) at Finney Crossing “Building J” on Williston Road at Boxwood Lane intersection, opposite of Shaw's in the Taft Corners Zoning District (TCZD). DP 09-01.16 Final Plans. 

  • January 23, 2018 - The DRB approved DP 09-01.13 to change the unit types in Building A2 located at 280 Holland Lane. The request was to go from 33 two-bedroom units and 32 one-bedroom units (totaling 65 units) to 77 one-bedroom units. However, final plans were not filed and the original 65-unit configuration was constructed. 

  • May 22, 2018 - The DRB approved Union Bank at 31 MArket Street at the corner of Zephyr Road and Williston Road (DP 09-1.14). The 2-story, 9312 SF building with drive-thru lanes and 1,418 SF of professional office space.  Union Bank Final Plans and Elevations
  • November 28, 2017 - The DRB approved a Home2 Suites by Hilton, a 3-story hotel with 100 rooms (DP 09-01.12). This approval also included a reconfiguration of Holland Lane/Market Street intersection within Finney Crossing. Holland Lane will intersect Williston Road/Route 2 at the Boxwood Street signal. The hotel is currently under construction on the western edge of the property, approximately halfway between Seymour Street and Williston Road. Finney Crossing Hotel Final Plans and Elevations

Maple Tree Place

Maple Tree Place is an existing commercial development in Taft Corners south of Williston Road that includes Shaw's, Starbuck's, the shops around the "green," the Chili's and Longhorn restaurants, and the building containing Dick's, Staples, and Old Navy. Approvals that control most of Maple Tree Place are over 20 years old, however a Master Sign Plan that still has relevance to the project was approved by the DRB in 2010 and is amended from time to time. 

Maple Tree Place DP 10-35 Master Sign Plan 



Northridge is a 40-unit subdivision planned on a 44.6 acre parcel north of Metcalf Drive and east of Coyote Lane. The DRB approved the discretionary permit, DP 17-01, on March 13, 2018 for a boundary line adjustment and to construct Phase I: 8 single family dwellings, 13 attached dwellings, and related infrastructure. Final plans have been approved. 

Northridge Approved Final Plans

Northridge Sample Photos of Proposed Structures


Robear Subdivision 

The DRB approved DP 18-21, a 9-lot subdivision of a 55.78-acre parcel at 4964 Williston Road in the IZDW, on November 13, 2018.  The subdivision created 8 parcels 1-9 acres in size and a 19.89 acre conservation lot. 4 parcels will have curbcuts on Shunpike Road (between 375 Engineers Drive and 253 Shunpike Road) and 2 curbcuts onto Williston Road (across from Munson Way and approx. 4959 Williston Road). See the DRB agendas & minutes page for the most up-to-date information on proposed developments on the newly created parcels. 

  • Lot 3 U-Haul Facility.  On August 25, 2020, The DRB approved DP 20-03, allowing for the development of a U-Haul self-storage facility and rental outlet with several buildings,  parking areas, and other appurtenances at 4964 Williston Road.
  • DP 20-03 U-Haul Final Plans 
  • Lot 2 U-Haul Facility. On August 25, 2023, the DRB approved DP 23-12, allowing for the development of an additional U-Haul facility to the east of and on the same driveway as the existing facility. DP 23-12 U-Haul Final Plans
  • Lot 4 GPA, LLC On December 13, 2022, the DRB reviewed discretionary permit application DP 21-19 for the development of three industrial buildings, parking, and appurtenances on Lot 4. 
  • DP 21-19 GPA, LLC Final Plans
  • Lot 6 Mini-storage. On February 12, 2019 the DRB reviewed discretionary permit application DP 19-06 for the development of a mini-storage facility on Lot 6 (319 Shunpike Road).  
  • Lot 7 Multi-tenant building. On March 12, 2019 the DRB reviewed pre-application request DP 19-18 for the development of an 18,000 SF multi-tenant commercial building on Lot 7 (opposite 358 Shunpike Road, approx.). 
  • DP 18-21 Robear Subdivision Final Plans


Williston Exit 12 Park and Ride. Approved final plans for the VTrans "park and ride" project on Route 2A adjacent to Exit 12 

DP 13-04.2 Approved Final Plans


Williston Public Safety Facility Approved Final plans for the Williston Public Safety Facility (State Police Barracks) on Route 2A adjacent to the Vtrans "park and ride"

DP 20-13 Approved Final Plans


Williston Place Senior Living 

The DRB approved DP 16-13 for construction of a 3-story, 72-unit senior living facility with related site improvements at 422 Blair Park Road on September 27 , 2016. The administrative permit was issued July 7, 2017. 

Williston Place Final Plans - Architectural

Williston Place Final Plans - Civil 






Attached Document or FileDP_09-21_Signed_Final_Plans_Architectural_Plan_Aug_26_2015.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-21_Signed_Final_Plans_Housing_Development_Aug_26_2015.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-21_Signed_Final_Plans_Landscape_Plan_Aug_26_2015.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-21_Signed_Final_Plans_Lighting_Plan_Aug_26_2015.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-21_Signed_Final_Plans_Master_Sign_Plan_Aug_26_2015.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-21_Signed_Final_Plans_Site_Plan_Aug_26_2015.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_17-01_Signed_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_17-01_Photos.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_Amend_12_Signed_Final_Plans_March_5_2018.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_Amend__14_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_16-13_15_Blair_Park_Signed_Final_Plans_Arch_May_23_2017.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_16-13_15_Blair_Park_Signed_Final_Plans_Site_May_23_2017.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_18-21_Robear_Subdivision_Approved_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_16-05.2_Signed_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_16-05.1_Signed_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_15-02_Creeks_Edge_Signed_Final_Plans_May_3_2017.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_Finney_Crossing_Amend__11_Approved_Final_Plans__Aug_9_2016.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_Amend__14_Final_Plans(1).pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01.15_Signed_Final_Plans_October_24_2018.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01.16_Healthy_Living_Finney_Crossing_Bldg_J_Signed_Final_Plans_October_2_2019(1).pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_Amend_10_Final_Plans_Finney_Building_A1_A2_A3_Civil_set_and_plat.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_Amendment_10_Final_Plans_Finney_Building_A1_A2_A3_Architectural.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09_01_Finney_Crossing_Overall_Construction_Phasing_Final_Plans_1_of_4.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09_01_Finney_Crossing_Overall_Construction_Phasing_Final_Plans_2_of_4.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09_01_Finney_Crossing_Overall_Construction_Phasing_Final_Plans_3_of_4.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09_01_Finney_Crossing_Overall_Construction_Phasing_Final_Plans_4_of_4.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_BLA_16-03_September_30_2015.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01.16_Healthy_Living_Finney_Crossing_Bldg_J_Signed_Final_Plans_October_2_2019(2).pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01_Signed_Final_Plans_Finney_Crossing_Phases_2B_3A_3B_4A_January_28_2014.pdf  
Attached Document or FileFinney_Crossing_Phase_2A_Final_Plans_November_6_2012.pdf  
Attached Document or FileAP_20-0025(2).pdf  
Attached Document or FileMaple_Tree_Place_2001_Progress_Plan_Set_70_Pages.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_10-35_Maple_Tree_Place_Approved_Master_Sign_Plan_10_11_2012.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_10-35_AMD_2_MTP_Civil_Set.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_10-35_AMD_2_MTP_Landscaping.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_10-35_AMD_2_MTP_Color_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileAP_20-0211.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_19-09_Final_Plans(1).pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_20-03_UHaul_Signed_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_17-01.3__17-01.4_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileFinney_Crossing_Commercial_Master_Sign_Plan.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01.20_Final_MSP.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_16-05.1_Phase 1 amendment  
Attached Document or FileDP_16-05.2_phase 2 amendment  
Attached Document or FileDP_09_01.22_Finney_Building_E_Civil.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09_01.22_Finney_Building_E_Architectural.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_09-01.22_Finney MSP.pdf  
Attached Document or File13-04.2_VTrams_Park_and_Ride_Signed_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_18-06.1_Final_Plans_Civil(1).pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_18-06.1_Final_Plans_Architectural(1).pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_20-13_Signed_Final_Plans_April_18_2022.pdf  
Attached Document or FileThe Annex - 16a_Civil_Plan_Set_-_Site_Plans_and_Profiles.pdf  
Attached Document or FileThe Annex - 16b_Civil_Plan_Set_-_Details.pdf  
Attached Document or FileThe Annex - 16c_Civil_Plan_Set_-_Landscaping_Lighting_Maintenance.pdf  
Attached Document or FileThe Annex - 15_Architectural_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileThe Annex - 03_Narrative_Cover_Letter_Phase_1_2022_0603.pdf  
Attached Document or FileThe_Annex_Land_Plan.pdf  
Attached Document or FileModular_Classroom_Plans_Allen_Brook_School_2002.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_21-19_Approved_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or File4626 Williston Road DP_22-06_Approved_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_22-06_Architectural_Plans_and_Render_1(1).pdf  
Attached Document or FileDP_15-06_Signed_Final_Plans_Oct_24_2017(3).pdf  
Attached Document or File13-04.2_VTrans_Park_and_Ride_Signed_Final_Plans.pdf  
Attached Document or FileLot 2 U-Haul Expansion Final plans  
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