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Specific Plan Public Process

The Selectboard held a public hearing on January 16, 2024  to consider adoption of Town Plan and Bylaw Amendments to proceed with the Glaser Specific Plan (SP 23-01) in strict conformance with the criteria and procedures of WDB Chapter 9. 


Summary of the Glaser Specific Plan Development Proposal: 

The Glaser Specific Plan (SP 23-01) proposes a 109± unit residential subdivision with the provision of ±53-acres open space donated to the Town as the substantial benefit. Jack and Caitlin Glaser own ±97-acres at 1095 Old Stage Road, located at the southwest corner of Mountain View Road and Old Stage Road. The land is undeveloped, and portions are currently leased to a neighboring farm for hayfield and horse pasture. This property is in the Residential Zoning District (RZD) and water/sewer service area where for decades town policy has planned for medium-density residential development. The homes are proposed in two distinct areas: 39-units on a cul-de-sac located off Mountain View Road and 57-units with two-points of access onto Mountain View Road (across from Wildflower Circle). The open space offered to the Town includes ±15-acres of viewshed along Mountain View Road with views to the Green Mountains, a view that is identified in the town plan, and ±38-acres of pasture, wetland, and forest, in alignment with broader town plan goals to support working landscapes and conservation.


What is a specific plan?

In Williston, the specific plan is a tool that replaced the Planned Unit Development/Planned Residential Development (PUD/PRD) provisions. A specific plan is a detailed guideline for the development of a site presented in the form of proposed amendments to the Town Plan and zoning bylaws. If the development proposed by the applicants is not made, the underlying zoning remains in place. A specific plan must go through the same process required for amending the Town Plan and bylaws. A specific plan can refine and add detail to the objectives and policies of the Town Plan, provided that it is consistent with and implements the overall vision stated in the Town Plan. A specific plan can refine the standards in the bylaw, or create new zoning districts with their own standards. The specific plan process cannot begin without a finding, by the Planning Commission, that substantial public benefits could result. WDB 9 provides five options for substantial benefit, including the conservation of one or more open spaces assets identified in the Town Plan or other open space asset acceptable to the Conservation and Planning Commissions. A substantial benefit is an action taken at the applicant’s expense and goes above and beyond the requirements of the bylaws.



  • September 2022 - The applicant team filed a specific plan application
  • October 4, 2022 - The Planning Commission had their initial review of the application, pursuant to WDB 9.3.2. 
  • November 15December 6, and December 20, 2022. - The Planning Commission held a community meeting across three nights: On December 20, the Planning Commission voted with findings that a "substantial benefit could result" and establish an advisory committee.
  • January 3, 2023 - The Planning Commission established a Charge to the Applicant/Committee and appointed a committee.
  • January - May 2023 - The Advisory  Committee convened nine (9) times, including a site visit. The Committee held their last meeting on May 25, 2023 and voted to transmit the Specific Plan to the Planning Commission with a recommendation for approval.
  • June 6, 2023 - The advisory committee and applicant presented the Specific Plan to the Planning Commission pursuant to WDB 9.3.7. On June 6, 2023 the Planning Commission voted to warn public hearings on the town plan and bylaw amendments, pursuant to WDB 9.4. 
  • September 5, 2023 - Planning Commission pre-hearing work session. Staff presents recommendations following legal review. Refresh existing members and orient new members to the Specific Plan process and the Glaser Proposal
  • October 5, 2023 - The Planning Commission held a public hearing on town plan and bylaw amendments. After closing the hearing, the Commission voted 6-1 to transmit the amendments to the Selectboard. 
  • November 7 and November 21, 2023: Selectboard informational sessions
  • January 11, 2024 - Selectboard pre-hearing public informational session, 12-1pm on Zoom www.zoom/us/j/87596425042Phone: 1-646-558- 8656; Meeting ID: 875 9642 5042. 
  • January 16, 2024 - Selectboard held a public hearing on Town Plan and Bylaw Amendments. The Selectboard closed the hearing and voted unanimously to adopt the amendments. The amendments go into effect in 21 days on February 6, 2024 pursuant to 24 V.S.A. § 4442.  


Applicant Team: Ken Belliveau (main contact, Land Use Planning Consulting), Jack Glaser (owner), David Burke and Bryan Currier (O'Leary-Burke Civil Associates)

Advisory Committee: 

  1. Planning Commission representative – Alex Daley (committee chair) 
  2. Conservation Commission representative – Gary Hawley
  3. Development Review Board representative – Scott Rieley 
  4. Representative of the Affected Neighborhood #1 – Kyle Sala
  5. Representative of the Affected Neighborhood #2 – Rueben Escorpizo
  6. Representative of the Community At-Large – Lisa Braden-Harder 
Town Staff Person: 
Emily Heymann, Senior Planner
(802) 878-6704 ext. 3
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