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Sewer Services

The Town of Williston has over 400 Commercial Businesses  and near 1,950 residential units connect to the municipal sewer system. 

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Sewer fees are processed quarterly and bills must be paid by the following dates each year:

      March 31
      June 30
      September 30
      December 31

Payments may be mailed or dropped off to the Town Clerk's Office.  An additional 10% late fee of the total bill will be added to the original bill, if it is not paid by the above due date.  If you have not received you bill by first of the month in which it is due, please contact Kim at 802-878-1239.

Payment on line

Pre-Authorization Agreement for Automatic Payment


$17.15   Basic User Charge - Sewer

$  8.75   Sewer Use Charge/1,000 gallons (based on water usage) 

Sewer Allocation Requests Application forms must be completed and signed by the Owner of the Property and a Registered Engineer.  Applications should be sent to Kimberly Richburg at krichburg@willistonvt.org.  Once received the application will require approval from the Public Works Director, the Zoning Director and the Town Manager.
A Sewer Service form must also be submitted prior to connection. 

Flows for residential applicants are determined by the following chart:
1 bedroom = 75 GPD
2 Bedroom = 135 GPD
3 Bedroom = 230 GPD
4 Bedroom = 250 GPD
5 Bedroom = 275 GPD

Flows for all other applications are calculated using Chapter 1 of the Environmental Protection Rules for the State of Vermont. When the process or applicant applying has a use not covered by Chapter 1 of the Environmental Protection Rules the sewer system connection fee is based on the use’s estimated maximum daily demand in gallons per day that could be used by the applicant, subject to review and approval by the Williston Water Department. 

FY 2024 Sewer Connection Fees are determined as follows:
Residential Connection  = $13.70 x GPD

Affordable Housing =        $6.85 x GPD
Commercial/Industrial =    $13.70 x GPD
Plus the Sewer Allocation Fees = $15.00 GPD

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